Calendar of Major Life Events


I first became interested in genealogy and family history during the 4th grade school year. As part of a social studies lesson, the class was assigned the task of identifying which countries our parents and grandparents had come from. As I recall, the purpose of the lesson was to demonstrate the many and diverse backgrounds we all had. While the intent of the teacher was certainly not to create a classroom full of genealogists, the bug bit me. I have remained fascinated with the pursuit of my family history ever since.

One of the goals of any good genealogy should be to provide reliable, credible, verifiable documentary evidence of the relationships and information presented. However, to date, most of my research has consisted of oral history, gathered from various relatives. I have only recently begun to collect whatever documentation that may be available to support my information. There is much that remains to be discovered.

This on-line genealogy only contains those people for whom I have been able to locate viable references, and as more data becomes available, I will be adding to the tree. Furthermore, in deference to the privacy of living individuals, little or no data has been presented for anyone known (or thought) to still be living.

While many genealogies are produced in order to demonstrate lineage from a particular person or group of people who participated in some historical event (e.g. for entrance into a lineage society such as the D.A.R. or S.A.R.), this compilation has been created primarily to satisfy my own curiosity. I hope that it may be of interest to others who should read it.

As new information is obtained or verified, it will be added to the appropriate family branch. I would welcome any additional information or documentation that anyone reading this material might be able to contribute.

The material presented here was organized using a software package called The Master Genealogist (TMG) from Wholly Genes Software. Regretably, this software is no longer commercially available, but if you are maintaining a tree of your own, and can get ahold of a copy, I highly recommend it as a tool for organizing your data.

This on-line presentation was generated from that TMG database using Second Site (SS) by John Cardinal. SS is a package designed to easily generate web-based genealogy presentations from TMG databases. It is also well worth it if you are using TMG and are interested in easily setting up your own family tree web site.